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Personal Injuries

Opara Law PC is dedicated to advocating for the rights of its clients in boards, tribunals and courts. Our aim is to get our clients the maximum settlement for their injuries and misfortunes. We are committed to getting our clients the full financial settlement they deserve. In order to alleviate the financial burden which our clients may incur as a result of legal representation, we are willing to negotiate payment methods most suitable for our clients. Accordingly, we are paid a set percentage of the money we recover for you. That percentage covers our reimbursement in full for legal fees.

Important steps you should take after suffering a personal injury:

  • Advise the authorities about the accident.
  • Record as much detailed information about the accident as possible (i.e. Names, Addresses, Witnesses, License Numbers, Plates, etc).
  • Contact both insurance companies to report the accident and provide them with the full names and contact information of yourself and others involved in the accident, but do not provide full details of the accident to the insurance company unless you have already spoken to a lawyer.
  • Contact Opara Law PC immediately by calling 416-840-5572 or 1.888.OPARA.ON (627.7266) or email to for a free consultation.
  • Contact the family doctor to attend to the injured person’s needs.
  • Keep a detailed record of attending health care professionals’ names and contact information.
  • Record all transaction receipts of any expenses related to the accident.
  • Record amount of time spent by family or friends caring for victim.
  • Double check if there’s any other supplemental insurance policies relating to accident.
  • Ensure you obtain a police report at the scene of the accident and make sure to review the police report and ensure that it is 100 % accurate.

OPARA LAW PC’s Personal Injury practice includes:

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