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Who is a Corporate Lawyer and What does he Do?

Corporate lawyers in Toronto ensure that business practices and transactions of the company they are working for are legal. They can work for a large variety of organizations and they need to have in depth knowledge about laws and legal practices to be sure that their clients are operating within legal boundaries. Corporate lawyers in the United States and Canada need to obtain a degree in law from a law school which has been accredited and recognised by the American Bar Association or the Federation of Law Societies of Canada just like any other lawyer and have to complete their exams before they can hope to begin practicing.

These lawyers are responsible for providing legal guidance to their clients either through independent practice or when working for the largest law firms in Toronto. Alternatively, they can also be hired as employees of large corporations in which case they will be responsible for advising their employers. The work of corporate lawyers in Toronto follows a procedure similar to that of other lawyers. They start off by meeting the client and understanding the case and then study all legal documents, corporate files and take help from other attorneys if necessary. They might also research past cases to understand the possibilities of their current case.

Corporate lawyers might also be needed to represent their clients in front of a judge and jury in a courtroom. They make opening arguments, examine and cross examine witnesses and present closing arguments.

In order to become successful among corporate lawyers in Toronto, one has to fulfil the following criteria:

  • They need to complete a three year Juris Doctor program from an American Bar affiliated law school or a Canadian Bar affiliated law school. In order to get into this course one has to complete a bachelor’s degree and qualify in the Law School Admission Test.
  • Those who wish to develop their knowledge in the area of business and corporate law can enrol for a Master of Laws program for a year. Students of this program can specify an area of interest and lay more focus on it. The one who wants to pursue a career in corporate law should focus on business finance, corporate governance and commercial law.
  • Once they complete their courses successfully, graduates need to sit for the bar examination to be qualified to start practice. There are different sets of these exams for each state and some also require candidates to appear for a written test on ethics.


For more details about corporate lawyers in Toronto contact Opara Law PC by email at or by phone at (416)840-5572.

Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara

One thought on “Who is a Corporate Lawyer and What does he Do?”

  1. I’d always thought that a corporate lawyer was just a regular old lawyer. I not know that they are someone who specializes in that field of law. For these types of lawyers, is it better to work for a big corporation or their own independent practice?

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