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Start-Up Franchisor

How do you know if you are ready to start your own franchise?

Owning a successful business that would profit from an expansion is definitely a good starting point when considering franchising. Another key indication that your business might be ready for franchising is if you have a clientele that inquires about other locations, the possibility of other locations and/or if individuals are inquiring about obtaining a franchise. Even after analyzing your business and determining its suitableness for franchising, it is crucial that you proceed with caution. It is imperative that you have a franchise lawyer take the necessary precautions to protect your business and comply with franchise law regulations. Initially you will need a franchise lawyer to prepare disclosure documents and franchise agreements, both of which must correctly reflect your business and comply with franchise laws. These beginning steps will create the underpinnings for your business and the success of its franchise system.

At Opara Law PC we can provide you with all the necessary stability and guidance needed to create your successful franchise.