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Entertainment Law

Opara Law PC entertainment law practice focuses on the music, motion picture, sports, television, new media and live performance industries. We provide clients with experienced and responsive counsel necessary for success in the global multimedia entertainment industry. We also provide copyright and trademark registration services including prosecution of trademark disputes at the administrative and court levels.

We represent a broad range of professionals in the music industry, including recording artists, producers, record and publishing companies and executives, managers, live event producers and promoters, theatre owners and operators, distribution companies, production companies, publishers and songwriters. We negotiate and draft recording and publishing agreements along with producer, management, distribution, touring, merchandising, corporate sponsorship, licensing and Internet agreements. We consult with artists and record publishing companies regarding their entertainment and Internet strategies and the protection, licensing and sale of their intellectual property rights.

Music– Basic Services:

  • Band Name Protection
  • Business Organizations
  •  Partnership
  •  Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Management Agreements
  • Agency Agreements
  • Live Performance Agreements
  • Merchandising & Sponsorship Agreements
  • Recording Agreements
  • Music Publishing Agreements
  • Publishing, Co-Publishing & Administration
  • Performing Rights Issues
  • Synchronization Licenses
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Producer Agreements
  • Copyright Protection
  • Music on the Internet

Motion Picture/TV – Opara Law PC provides counsel to actors, writers, directors, producers, managers and production and distribution companies in the film, television, cable, and interactive media sectors. We negotiate and draft film financing documentation and writer, performer, director and producer agreements. We counsel and negotiate distribution agreements, licensing and product placement arrangements, and we provide intellectual property counsel and rights clearance services.

Motion Picture/TV- Basic Services:

  • Film Financing
  • Selling/Securing Story and Publicity Rights
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Work for Hire Agreements
  • Guild Issues
  • Option Agreements
  • Rights Clearance & Acquisition
  • Union and Labor Law Compliance
  • Insurance Issues
  • Employment/Services Agreements
  • Digital Distribution/Streaming Media Issues
  • Trademark & Copyright Protection

Among the areas in which we provide legal services to our entertainment clients are:

  • Competition & Trade
  • Copyright & Trade-marks
  • Film, Television and Corporate Financing
  • International & Canadian Co-productions
  • International & Domestic Tax
  • Labour & Employment
  • Litigation Support
  • Merchandising and Licensing
  • Music Recording, Publishing, Licensing and Management
  • Production Contracts
  • Telecommunications