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All About Trademark Registration in Canada

As a business entrepreneur, you must remember that reputation is all in all. As you invest a lot in brand identity, don’t forget to form a team who will work to produce insightful and highly effective trademark. These professionals should use their experience to register the trademark safely, commercialize your trademark successfully and strongly enforce it along with your brand.

Importance of Trademark Lawyers:


A trademark attorney is a specialist legal professional who is qualified to advise his/her clients about protection and enforcement of their trademark rights. If you’re planning to venture into a new business in Canada, you must hire an efficient and qualified trademark lawyer to help you register your trademark in a lawfully correct way.

Registered Trademarks in Canada:


Registering trademarks in Canada must be in compliance with the Canadian Trademarks Act. The Canadian Trademarks Office in Ottawa maintains the Canadian trademarks registry. For a valid registration of your trademark in Canada, you are also prohibited from using the registered trademark of another person that may likely effect a depreciating value to the goodwill attached to that particular trademark. In order to safeguard your trademark in other countries besides Canada, you will have to resort to foreign trademark registrations in each country.

Canada- Trademark Registration:


For registering your trademark in Canada, you have to file a completed trademark application (as an applicant), or have the application filed by any registered trademark agent who will act on your behalf. This application is filed with the Canadian Trademarks Office (situated in Ottawa). Presently the government fee is set at $CDN 300.00 for filing the trademark application. You will also be charged additional professional fees for the registered trademark agent’s professional services if you are using the services of a trademark agent.

Next, the Trademarks Office is handed over the filed trademark application for assessment in the course of the assessment, the trademark office will determine if:

  • The trademark is registrable
  • The trademark application is properly filled out
  • The person applying to register that trademark is ‘in fact and in law’ the person entitled to register the mark

After the registration is completed, you will need to use the “®” symbol next to your trademark in order to indicate that the particular mark has been lawfully registered. Before the registration of the mark, you should use “TM” next to unregistered trademarks.

The registration of any trademark lasts for as long as 15 years, and it can be renewed after a certain amount of government fee is paid (presently this amount is set at $400).

Looking for trademark lawyers in Toronto for registering your trademark? Your search for a qualified and experienced trademark lawyer in Toronto ends with us. Contact Opara Law PC today at or by calling 416-840-5572.

Victor Opara