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4 Toy Injuries That Can Kill

Toys may be a bagful of fun on certain occasions, but they may also become deadly in certain other cases. Classic toys can become deadly given certain situations and in 2012, about 265,000 children were treated for toy related injuries across North America. There are numerous adults that also get injured when they play with toys not in accordance to their size and weight.

Here Are Some Of The Projectile Firing, Hair Tearing And Eye-Gouging Toys That Are Common Culprits:


  • Slip and slide toys are famous during the summers and thousands of young girls love to play with these toys in the backyard with the rains and the garden hose fitted in style with a foyer. Water sprouts through the holes in the plastic and cool hours of fun may result in bad falls and bone breakage in certain cases.


  • Lawn darts with steel ends have been banned in several nations, but the enthusiasm to play with these plastic ended darts has not diminished. Lawn darts can cause severe eye injuries and poke kids at places that may cause serious injuries.


  • In many cases, glassblowing was considered a fine game to indulge in. There is a combination of blistering heat and molten glass at the end of a hollow tube that helps the blower blow different shapes and sizes in glass.


  • The creepy crawlers are a dream toy for many children, but it is actually a health hazard in many respects. There is an oven and a plastic goop with an electric powered mold that heats up during play. The children may find this activity an extension of the kitchen games they play usually, but these may sound and feel very dangerous in the long run.


Toys should be fun and not oddly dangerous for young ones. You should take ample precaution before you ask your child to play with one! Children are precious gifts, guard them with care. If you lose your child, you may not have an easy replacement, so safeguard them. For further information about personal injuries caused by dangerous toys that can kill, please contact Opara Law PC by email at or by phone at 416-840-5572.

Victor Opara